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The First Question to Ask Yourself When You Are Having A Crisis in Confidence

Quick question for many times have you had a crisis in confidence over something?

If you’re anything like me, it might be quite often!

And when this happens, what do you typically do?

Doubt yourself? Convince yourself with 101 reasons why you can't do it? Procrastinate? Sit on it for too long without taking action? All of the above?

You are not alone sister. It can be so frustrating!

But what I’ve come to learn is before we can even start to dive into our confidence blocks, we have to understand what actually drives confidence in the first place….

And I believe that is ENERGY.

Because all too often when we think we are having a crisis in confidence, what’s really going on is an energy crisis.

Think about it….so often in life, we get so caught up doing things we “should” be doing that the first things to go are those that truly bring us joy. We take that job not because we love it, but because it pays the bills. We commit to endless activities that don’t really add value to our lives but do them because we feel we “should” be doing them…or it’s the “right” thing to do. Worst of all, we turn down an afternoon doing something just for enjoyment because that never ending to do list of things we should be doing at home has completely dominated our mind.

The problem with this is that overtime, we become very disconnected with ourselves. And this is when we lose our charge.

Think about it this can have the latest and greatest phone on the planet but regardless of how high performing it is, if it’s not charged, it’s not going to work! You’ve got to recharge that puppy!

We are the same way!

How can we possibly be motivated and have the confidence to achieve our goals when we are completely disconnected with ourselves, drained and burned out?

I’m sorry to say but it ain’t happening honey!

That’s why it’s so important to find what lights us up and know what gives us a charge.

Next time you find yourself having a crisis of confidence….. instead of asking yourself, “Why is this happening? or “Why can’t I take action?”

Instead ask: “Where am I getting my energy from?”

Know the difference and find your charge points.

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