What's the key to a living a meaningful existence?

It starts with


Because the real magic happens when we look within.


FLAME gives you the tools, support and community to help you move confidently towards your best life using the MEFIRST Method, a concept we've created that is tied into everything we do.


We raise our awareness around our own stories, beliefs, values and drivers that have shaped who we are and gain more insight into our strengths and challenges.



We dig deep to find our own convictions and get clear on what we stand for and why. Through this process, we start to understand and connect with what is true in our own hearts.

We learn empowering ways to start trusting ourselves, and begin to overcome fear, self-doubt, people pleasing and perfectionism.



We develop a true understanding of what it means to take care of ourselves and learn to set healthy boundaries to achieve better balance in our lives.

Through a deeper love, respect and understanding of ourselves, we start to recognize and acknowledge our purpose and connect with our meaningful existence.






I'm a certified women's empowerment coach who loves nothing more than to see a woman  find her voice, stop doubting herself and gain the confidence she needs to smash her goals, make a bigger impact on the world and start living life on her own terms....

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