We get so caught up in our baby's needs that we forget an essential part of the equation, OURSELVES!

Inspired by my own journey into motherhood and grounded in my expertise as a certified life coach, this five-week postnatal mother and baby course is designed to empower you as a new mum.



“How long does it take to feel “normal” again?”


It’s not just your imagination; you’ve changed! From raging hormones to extreme sleep deprivation and everything in between, when baby arrives, it’s not uncommon for your inner and outer confidence to shrink faster than cashmere in a dryer!


From the fourth trimester and beyond, we explore how to take a more empowered approach to motherhood, learn to trust yourself again, and embrace your biggest mummy superpower—your intuition.




“They just don’t get it….”


When baby arrives, even the strongest relationships can be tested, leaving you feeling resentful, anxious, and alone. Maintaining a great relationship takes a lot of time and energy, something that seems like a distant memory at this point!


Perhaps “couple-time” is now “family-time,” your bickering has increased tenfold, or your differing opinions on how to parent are starting to take its toll. Maybe score keeping has become an Olympic sport in your house, or the thought of sex has you running for the hills. With countless challenges that come with a baby, its no wonder so many mums feel they’ve lost their connection with their partner.


You aren’t alone momma…


In week 2, we discuss these common relationship issues and look at how you can successfully navigate and empower your relationship in order to reconnect and successfully ride out this difficult transition into parenthood.




You did everything you could to plan for baby’s arrival, and quite frankly, you’re pretty damn impressed with yourself! What you didn’t anticipate was the tsunami of opinions, advice, and judgments coming at you from all angles the second your little one arrived. As if that natural mummy guilt and uncertainty weren’t enough, you’re now second-guessing yourself as a parent based on “textbook” advice and unsolicited opinions.


This isn’t how you thought it would be…


In week 3 we explore the minefield of mother judgers and common mummy guilt and look at ways to let go of expectations so that you can give yourself permission to do YOU as a mom and not what a book, relative or “perfect mother” tells you to do.





Trying to get your health back among the chaos of new parenthood can prove to be a Herculean task of epic proportions. With endless demands, sleepless nights, and countless unscheduled interruptions, self-care is typically the first thing to go. But the truth is, self-care isn’t negotiable. It’s NECESSARY to be the best mum you can be.


In week 4, we look at how you can cultivate and maintain fierce compassion and connection with yourself (even when you are foggy with sleep deprivation and raging with postpartum hormones) and define what self-care means to you.



Heading back to work after maternity leave can be a time of mixed emotions. Some dread it, others look forward to it, and for many, it’s a little of both.


Among the worries…


What if my baby doesn’t settle into childcare?


How will I balance everything now that I’m a mum?


What if I’m no longer taken seriously at work?

I've lost my drive, what if I can't get it back?


In week 5, we will cover the worries, fears, and anxieties around going back to work, allowing you to feel ready, empowered, and confident to face this step head-on when the day arrives.

spring Term Spaces Open

Monday Mornings 10:30-12

9 March-6 April

South Woodford

COST £60



I'm a certified women's empowerment coach who loves nothing more than to see a woman  find her voice, stop doubting herself and gain the confidence she needs to smash her goals, make a bigger impact on the world and start living life on her own terms....

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