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Are You a Career Chameleon?

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

If you are not honored for who you are in your place of work, it's time to start looking elsewhere.

In my line of work, I deal with a lot of chameleons.

Not the reptile kind…I’m talking about career chameleons.

These individuals spend all their time, energy and focus trying to change and fit into the mold of who they think they need to be in order to please the people they work for, (only to become more and more unhappy, depressed and disillusioned with their jobs).

I can spot a chameleon a mile away because I used to be one. For many years in the corporate world, I hid who I was and tired to be everything for everyone (except for myself).

In my first job, I was told my positivity and desire to help others came across as young and naïve, so I became more reserved and UN-collaborative. A few years later I was criticized for speaking up in meetings to share my thoughts so I quieted my voice. And in my last job, I was told that my efforts and desire to keep my team happy and engaged were unimportant…SO I QUIT.

What did I learn?


Stop trying so hard and ignore the people who see your core strengths as a weakness.

Just show up as YOU.

Exactly as you are TODAY, flaws, imperfections and all.


If you are not honored for who you are in your place of work, IT'S TIME TO START LOOKING ELSEWHERE.

Go where you are celebrated. People want the authentic you. Not the artificial one. Because suppressing who you are is really not a good option. You are not a chameleon, really.....IT'S NOT A GOOD LOOK!

As you look forward in this new year, make a promise to yourself to make a conscious effort to begin showing up exactly as you are. Even if it goes against what the others are saying, dip your toes in and begin to get comfortable.

The foundation of your purpose driven career is rooted in the essence of your true self.

Do not forget that.

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