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What an Unwanted Gift Taught Me About Finding Our Passions

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

You never know when you’ll accidentally stumble into a passion you never even knew existed.

In 2015, my husband (who was a fairly new boyfriend at the time) gave me a group of snowboard lessons at our local indoor ski centre for my birthday….

This was an issue for me because:

A. I don’t like being cold B. I’m not particularly partial to doing things that can get me injured or killed...

Snowboarding was his passion not mine. But, being the people pleaser that I was, I thanked him, tried to be as enthusiastic as possible and agreed (secretly reluctant) to go for the first lesson.

And do you know what happened?


I couldn’t wait to take the second lesson, and the third and the fourth. After a month, I was researching ski resorts for the Christmas and New Year holiday. A year after that, my husband and I went out to Whistler, Canada so we could snowboard EVERY DAY FOR TWO MONTHS and this year, we're getting ready to head off to the mountains of Utah where we are spending another month.

For over 30 years, snowboarding wasn’t in my life and never in my wildest dreams would I ever classify myself as any sort of winter sport enthusiast let alone a snowboarder. Those were for the extreme sport people….I was more of the warm lodge enthusiast, complete with a cozy fire,hot toddy and a book. I had no idea when I received that unwanted gift how much joy and passion it would bring into my life.

Life’s funny like that. You never know when you’ll accidentally stumble into a passion you never even knew existed and you’re never to old to find a new one!

Get out there and go for it, try new things and keep an open mind. Who knows what you’ll fall in love with, perhaps it’s something you haven’t even thought of yet!

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